Capabilities & Markets


Working closely with a number of industries we have access to a number of technologies to recover energy from waste.

We work with a number of industries to develop waste management strategies that increase recycling processes.

Our dry waste services allow for bespoke recycling and waste management solutions for our customers.

From our wide range of waste storage options, we can supply you with skips and containers to meet your specific needs.

The William Tracey Group's Land Services team specialise in the treatment and recovery of hazardous and non hazar...

Our hazardous treatment facilities have the ability to treat and recover a wide range of liquid & solid waste.

Our fleet of high specification vehicles and mobile plant carry out services across a wide range industry sectors.

We offer expertise in providing you with solutions for any decommissioning or site clearance project.

We offer a broad experience of processes and regularly supply specialist chemicals to a number of different sectors.

Waste is a valuable resource. We manage our customer’s resources to deliver time, cost and environmental efficiency.

The William Tracey Group provides secure collection for WEEE, fluorescent tubes and batteries UK wide.

Digit Resource Management specialise in the recycling of organic and inert matter.

Established in 1995 Tracey timber Limited is Scotland's leading wood recycling company.


We work with the utilities industry to provide comprehensive recycling and resource management services.

We understand the complex nature of your sites and have the expertise and infrastructure to support your processes.

We understand and develop integrated waste management strategies that are bespoke to the Transport Industry.

We help the construction industry to source more sustainable ways of operating in both re-use and recycling.

As places of education, we understand your desire to set a good example by doing the best for the environment.

We work with the Public sector and key stake holders to support the emerging mix of recovery and recycling processes.

With changing legislation, we help the Retail & Leisure industry implement innovative solutions to recycling.

Working in partnership with the Facilities Managements sector, we implement solutions to achieve environmental goals.