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From our wide range of waste storage options, the William Tracey Group will supply you with skips and containers to meet your specific needs.  In addition to the wide range of skips and containers available, the William Tracey Group has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of customised waste and recycling bins suitable for site specific application. 

Open Skip

Open & Closed Skips

Ideal for a range of recycling material and  general waste including heavy and bulky materials, inert materials from construction and demolition operations, dry non-hazardous wastes and contaminated excavated soils.

Open Skip

REL (Rear End Loader)

Ideally suited for commercial and industrial waste.  Designed for larger volumes of light compactable maretials where space and access is available.

Our REL services are limited to geograhpical areas so please ask your Local Representative for further information.

Open Skip

Open Rolonof Containers

Our Rolonof service is ideal for managing large volumes of commercial and industrial waste. Containers are available as open or enclosed with a rear door to help facilitate the loading process.  Rolonof containers provide a very cost effective way to dispose of bulky materials including waste from construction, demolition and large retail sites.

FEL (Front End Loader)

FEL (Front End Loader) Services

Designed for larger volumes of light compactable materials where space and access is available. Ideal for Mixed Recycling or General Waste.

Trade Waste Bins

Wheeled Bin Collections

Ideal for small to medium businesses including shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, retails outlets and light industrial work premises. Ideal for Mixed Recycling or General Waste.

Office and Indoor Recycling

Office & Indoor Recycling

Dedicated bins suitable for office and indoor areas to aid the segregation of waste streams for recycling. 

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