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DIGIT Resource Management is a recycling company with its roots in Civil Engineering, supplying services to Water Utilities and related industries.  DIGIT specialise in the recycling of organic and inert matter produced as a result of the sewage treatment process and the dredging, dewatering and recycling of silts and sludges from canals and lagoons.

Key Services

  • Land Restoration and Remediation
  • Recycling of Organic Wastes to Restoration, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Canal Dredging and Recycling or Stabilisation of Silts
  • Civil Engineering and Earthworks
  • Manufacture of Soils and Topsoils


DIGIT has pioneered the use of sewage sludge and other wastes in fertilizing or rebuilding forestry soils after clear felling or before virgin plantings.  DIGIT has undertaken a large range of forestry projects for:

  • Duke of Baccleuch Estate
  • Castle Howard Estate
  • Duke of Bedford Estates
  • Duke of Abercorn Estates
  • Poplar Tree Company
  • Forest Enterprise


DIGIT Resource Management's aim is to recycle suitable organic materials to agriculture lessening farms reliance upon imported chemical fertilizer.  Benefits include a reduction in growing costs and the lessening of your enterprise's carbon footprint.

Land Restoration

With its roots in Civil Engineering, DIGIT Resource Management undertakes a diverse range of land restoration projects.  DIGIT offer an economic, sustainable waste outlet for organic materials.  These materials can be used to reclaim vacant and derelict land by restoring the soil profile across the site, and thereby returning the land to a productive use.

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