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The William Tracey Group's Land Services team specialise in the treatment and recovery of hazardous and non hazardous contaminated soils at our various outlets across the UK.  

 After technical assessment and analytical evaluation from our qualified soil chemist, suitable hazardous waste soil will be accepted for treatment at our fully licenced Soil Treatment Facility (STF) at Dunniflats, Ayrshire.

  • A cost effective alternative to landfill for soil disposal, avoiding landfill tax
  • Technical Support and interpretation/evaluation of soil analysis
  • Compliant disposal of hazardous soil

Contaminated Land Specialists

  • Compliant disposal of hazardous & non hazardous soil
  • Technical support and interpretation/evaluation of soil analysis
  • Cost effective alternative to landfill for waste soil
  • Bespoke hazardous waste treatment facility

Key Services

  • Contaminated Land Specialists
  • Recovery of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Soils
  • Soil Remediation
  • Supply of Quarried and Recycled Aggregated and Topsoil

Glass Aggregate

We have a glass recycling plant located at our Linwood depot where we can recycle clear plate, clear bottle and mixed bottle grades of glass.  The William Tracey Group actively seeks plate and mixed plate glass for re-use or recycle.  Glass is separated and graded.  Some whole clear glass will be sent for re-use through a bottling plant.  The William Tracey Group offers a range of aggregate materials, including glass;

  • Clear Glass is used to create beads used in reflective paint in road markings
  • Mixed Bottle Glass is crushed, processed and used as a viable and environmentally conscious alternative to sharp and pipe bedding

Applications for our glass product:

  • Multi-functional: Grit/sharp sand alternative, pipe bedding, laying mono blocks and slabs
  • Added benefits: Moisture content less than 10%, with zero clay content, allowing for better drainage and improved "soakaway"
  • Volume Continuity: Circa. 10,000 - 13,000 tonnes p/a
  • Environmentally sound: Zero quarrying, recycling, bi-product
  • Glass aggregate comes in 6mm and 10mm, the 6mm product can be used as an alternative to sharp sand

Click here to download our Glass Aggregate Flyer.

Quarried and Recycled 6F/2 Products

Quarried and recycled 6F/2 products are available from The William Tracey Group's Land Services team:

  • Compliant materials
  • Grading Certificates supplied
  • Full coverage across central belt of Scotland

All of our facilities are fully permitted and approved by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and are not subject to landfill tax, enabling clients to rely on a robust and cost effective alternative to landfill.

We have been working to improve the reuse and recycling of our customer's resources to minimise those ultimately disposed of as waste.  This approach benefits the environment whilst delivering a value for money solution.

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